The Bat! 2.13 'Lucky' Beta 1
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Обновился отличный почтовый клиент, которым я пользуюсь уже почти 2 года и не собираюсь менять smile

Что нового:
Started new filtering system
UI:Template editors have usual copy/cut/paste popup
UI:Quick templates list and editors are wider by default

 Speaking Notepad 2.4
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Интересная вещица, аналогичный микросовтовский блокнот, только со встроеной говорилкой слов smile Жаль только, что говорит он на английском, хотя думаю и эта проблема разрешима...

 Winamp5 Full 5.04
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Обновился лучший медиа-плеер.. Обновлений очень много судя по списку smile

Что нового:
JTFE v0.96
Added Coding Technologies' AACPlus decoder
Fixed deletion of temporary generated WAV files after a burning process on some computers
Fixed typo in some context menu shortcuts
Fixed slowness IPC bug caused by gen_hotkeys
Added "clear" button in internet radio/tv views
Added screenshots of classic/modern mode in installer
Fixed MP3 bitrate calculation (in_mp3 was reporting incorrect lengths on some MP3s)
Fixed incorrect length reporting on long WMA files
Better fix for pledit/video windows showing up at startup when minimized
Fixed db text bug when moving EQ sliders
Upgraded MP3 encoding to LAME v3.96
Fixed crash in WMA playback when using WMA v8 codecs
Updated default streaming values in in_nsv
Added Winamp.com Audio&Video views in the Media Library
Fixed tiny memory leak in in_cdda
Added right click context menu on "Now Playing" item in Media Library
Added script/ActiveX disabling for Media Library's minibrowser (on by default)
Fixed memory leak on MP3 files with messed up ID3v2 tags
Fixed visualization when playing CD tracks
Fixed proxy user:pass@server:port string getting cut when playing Shoutcast streams
Made in_dshow not to handle mms:// streams ending with .wma
Fixed %tracknumber% tag for CD tracks
Fixed some crash bugs in in_mp4
Fixed playlist generation when ripping full CDs
Added "import playlist from folder" in Media Library
Updated Media Library preferences screens
Added new SPS presets from Cockos, Inc. (pitch shifters, etc)
Added basic streaming (download) support for M4A/MP4 HTTP streams
Added monitoring of fullscreen apps, disables always on top temporarilly
Added gen_ml rating ipcs
Added ratings from playlist context menu (acts on selected entries)
Added ratings from song ticker context menu (acts on current track)
Added rating hotkeys in gen_hotkey
Fixed saving read-only playlists
Fixed double separator lines in gen_ml id3less item context menu
Fixed refresh of view losing query after removing dead files & background scan
Added escaping of ", ', [ and ] in ml queries : uses %HH where HH is the hex char code (uses %% for '%')
Added sdk support for multiple audio/video tracks in video input plugins (see wa_ipc.h for ITrackSelector class)
Added multiple audio avi support (right click video window, select "Audio Tracks")
Fixed multimonitor problem when toggling a windowshade on one monitor while playing a fullscreen video on the other
Fixed pledit drawing bug under winxp/cleartype
Fixed crash in id3 reading of zero byte files
Fixed crash in sps when exiting winamp before closing the open/save dialog
Fixed gen_ml crash when inserting item with length -1
Made gen_ml much more resistant to databases that have been corrupted
Fixed ml nuke
Added disabling of "keep on screen" option when going into a different resolution because of a fullscreen application (ie: a game)
Made ui:preferences global hotkey open the prefs to the previously opened page
Fixed a few preferences cosmetic 'bugs'
Modern skin updates

 Skype for Windows
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Обновилась до первой версии программа для голосового общения через интернет..

Что нового:
Change: updated Chinese Traditional language file
Bug fix: fixed crash on Windows 98/ME

 HyperSnap-DX 5.60.02
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Обновилась лучшая программа для снятия скриншотов..

Что нового:
Updated to auto-scroll Mozilla Firefox browser web pages

 Opera 7.53
 Из раздела Программы :: Добавил :: Комментарии ( 2 ) :: 20:07:2004, 16:31 :: link
Обновился отличный браузер. Который отличается своей скоростью..

Что нового:
Fixed a JavaScript problem that made it possible to show one URL in the address bar, but load a different URL in the page (Secunia Advisory SA12028)

 Maxthon Combo 1.0.0178 Beta
 Из раздела Программы :: Добавил :: Комментарии ( 2 ) :: 18:07:2004, 13:40 :: link
Был раньше отличный браузер MyIE2 который работал на движке IE так вот теперь этот браузер переименовали в Maxton и он сейчас в стадии глубокого бета тестирования, настолько глубокого, что его не рекомендуется пока что использовать начинающим пользователям наверно для того чтобы не испортить впечатление незаконченным продуктом smile Подробнее про "новый" браузер можно почитать на его оффициальном сайте...

Что нового:
- Improved speed and stability
- m2_plugin_folder requires security_id too
- Fixed Home button doesn't work problem
- Fixed Search in the page function did not work problem
- Fixed Mouse gesture can't save problem
- Fixed "Clean Undo List" did not work problem
- Fixed could not show certificates on HTTPS websites problem
- Fixed drag URL from Address bar to desktop did not work problem

 BSplayer version 1.0 final release
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После долгих лет разработок(6 лет) вышел наконец первый релиз отличного медиа плеера..

Что нового:
- Fixed problem with Matroska files with only audio streams
shortcut for EQ wasn't working, fixed
- OSD position wasn't working when option 'Draw OSD messages to overlay' was checked, fixed
- audio stream names in Matroska files are now properly displayed
- fixed some bugs with ini/bsi files
- Matroska chapters will now be loaded in bsi files
- subtitle time correction was broken, fixed
- fixed problem with DV Type 1 files
- fixed some problems with OGM files (crash if subtitles were disabled)
- fixed problem with LPCM audio in VOB files
- some other bug fixes

Качаем с этой страницы..

 Opera for Windows 7.52
 Из раздела Программы :: Добавил :: Комментарии ( 2 ) :: 09:07:2004, 14:44 :: link
Обновился отличный браузер..

 Из раздела Программы :: Добавил :: Комментарии ( 2 ) :: 09:07:2004, 01:24 :: link
Обновилась лучшая на мой взгляд программа-клиент для сети Bittorrent..

Что нового:
Core | Show built-in plugins in config view
Core | Fallback encoding for torrents (a-zA-Z0-9 type encoding with hex chars for others)
Core | Numbers now localized to selected language
Core | More "polite" hash checking...doesn't stress the cpu/system as much
Core | Tracker seed retention limit added to limit tracker memory on torrents with high seed counts
Core | Show Bad ips/banned ips in ipfilter window + allow clear/reset
Core | Option to start torrents in a stopped state
Core | Torrent removal rules. Initially to handle unauthorised torrents + AZ update torrents
Dev | More features for torrent creation
UI | New peer columns to help track leechers
Plug | Experimental data upload facility for tracker web pages
Plug | WebUI support for "host" operation
Plug | Run the web interface standalone (outside of a browser)
Plug | Option to keep hold of UPnP port mappings when closing Azureus

Core | More sensible merging of plugin.properties on plugin update
Core | Retuned tracker connect failure retry interval
Core | Torrents downloaded by URL now named after torrent if not already .torrent
Core | Performance of ipfilter checking improved
Plug | Green colour used on tracker web pages now more legible
Corrected bugs:

Core | 99.X% / continuous hash fails fix
Core | Basic plugin config model parameters not working in non-swt (e.g. console) mode
Core | Fix for 'completed' announce event not being sent on occasion
Core | Fix for occassional missing of resume data write -> recheck on start up
Core | Bad peers not being detected on hashfail if they contributed all blocks
Core | Better handling of "auto import" + default torrent save dir being the same
Core | Strip resume data on open of new torrent
UI | Fix bug where failed-hashcheck pieces never reappeared in Pieces view
Plug | Web UI authentication for torrent download not working with default port URLs

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